University of Saint Francis Chooses SLS

"We chose thunderapps’ SL system because it best provided the best access and service to all of the stakeholders with whom we work: students, faculty and community partner agencies. We also appreciate the fact that we were able to integrate the system with our campus-wide student management software, and that students and faculty can access the system using their university id and password. The system is also pretty simple to use, and we are able to use its different features to track different types of service campus-wide."

~ Katrina P. Boedeker 
Director, Center for Service Engagement 
University of Saint Francis

The Service Learning System was born from the need to provide students and community service participants an easier means and vehicle for finding, registering and recording their historic service learning hours.

It is a web-based system that enables Service Learning Directors and community service managers, to be more efficient, provide better access to their participants and partners and ultimately achieving better results with their own specific community service goals.

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